Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a weekend!

This has been a great weekend so far! We have just been laid back and not really pushed to get a whole lot done.

Yesterday, once the day care kiddos left, I went and spent some time with my wonderful sis-in-law and that adorable new nephew of mine, Wyatt. It had been almost a week since I had seen Wyatt and I was feeling guilty. I never went that long between visits with Wayne and Weston. I realize our lives have changed and there are a lot of added things going on but, I knew I needed to make that visit. It was great to just sit and hold that baby boy and sit and chat with Tanya. We had some catching up to much as you can with two other wild boys running around. (I love those wild boys!!)

From there, I attempted to go work in my office at the bakery. However, when I walked in to my office, I was hit with a heat wave and within 15 minutes, I was dripping with sweat. I quickly finished the task I was working on and left a note for my boss letting him know that I would return early Saturday morning before the office heated up to get everything done.

I got home and found Jason out planting the rest of the trees for the fence line. (We went to Lowe's on Thursday night and found more trees for less than the neighbor had paid for the trees that we planted last weekend...yay us!!) So, he planted the last 16 trees and now that project is complete and then mowed the lawn. I did a few things inside the house and then we just enjoyed the rest of the evening as a family. It was great!

This morning, once I returned home from work, we quick finished up with some vacuuming and tidying up and then enjoyed the rest of the day together as a family. We went and looked at new couch sets at Wiser Furniture...found a set that we really like but will wait a little bit. If you haven't seen the couch and love seat in our family room, they are BAD!! We have had them for almost 12 years and the fabric is beginning to shred in places. It will be sad to replace them since they were the first pieces of furniture that we purchased together 2 months after we were married. BUT, it would be nice to replace them and not worry about any kiddos sticking their fingers in the holes of the cushions and making them bigger. What is it with the attraction little fingers have with holes in things? I just don't get it.

Earlier in the week, I had told the girls that we would find time this weekend to go get what they will need for soccer and volleyball this fall. They are both signed up with Lynden Youth Sports for fall sports. Alyssa will play soccer, or at least we hope she plays and doesn't just stand and watch her team play like she did a few years ago :), and Brenna will have her first season of volleyball. She participated in the 2-day Volleyball Camp that the LHS Volleyball team put on at the end of the school year and really enjoyed it. So, today we came home from Bellingham with soccer cleats for Alyssa and knee pads and volleyball for Brenna. We are excited to introduce a new sport to the girls. We are really hoping that volleyball is Brenna's sport. She is totally built for it. It will be a little crazy for us this fall with 2 sports happening probably on the same days and I'm sure we will have games that will overlap but, I guess that's the joy of having multiple children involved in sports at the same time. It will be great. Let me know if you would like the girls schedules and I will get them to you once we start up.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around the house watching a movie and just spending more time together. It's been so long since we've had a weekend like this. Oh yeah, I even got to snuggle with Ethan after his bath tonight and he fell asleep on me!! I love these moments that I get as a mommy and they are getting more and more, few and far between. :(

Tomorrow, we will go to church in the morning and then to my great-aunt's 90th b'day party at the Lynden City Park. Once we are home from that, we will probably spend some time in the pool. The kids were a little bummed that we didn't do that today but with everything else that we did, we were all a little tired when we got home from Bellingham.

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Tanya said...

Lovely post my dear, good to hear what you've been up to, since I haven't had a chance to call! (she wasn't kidding about our wild and crazy boys folks!) Glad to hear you had a good weekend~!