Friday, August 21, 2009

S'MORE fun

Wednesday night we spent time with the Seigman family, our neighbors. They had just completed their fire pit/patio extension project on turned out great!

Ethan and Carter did so good sitting safely in their chairs with their marshmallows hanging over the edge just enough to get slightly tanned. The waited so patiently!
The girls wanted their marshmallows to be nice and tanned and NOT BURNT. That meant not sticking their marshmallows too far into the fire. (Alyssa was waiting so patiently for her turn.)
Weston and Coleson, 1-year old twins, sat great in the wagon eating the graham crackers that Ethan kept handing them. He is so good with the boys and it is fun to watch him interact with them.
Ethan enjoying his s'more...mmmm, YUM!
Thanks Nick and Ashley for a great evening. It is always fun to spend time with your family.


Ashley said...

Thanks for coming over! We had a good time and will have to squeeze in a few more smore nights before fall hits!

Janice said...

I LOVE SMORES!! Maybe one of these days you could come make smores at our house - wouldn't that be a miracle!!