Sunday, August 2, 2009

90th Birthday Picnic

This past Friday, my Great-Aunt, Liz, turned 90-years old. (This would be my mom's aunt.) She has always loved getting together at the Lynden City Park with all of the extended family to celebrate her birthday. So, it was fitting that we keep that tradition to celebrate this milestone in her life.

The kids were excited about going to the park. They have been wanting to go all week but, honestly, I have been avoiding the park this past week because it has been so crazy there with everyone wanting to cool off in the creek. So, today was their day and they were thrilled. They played along the creek for the first little bit and then played on the playground. It was hard on them to take a break to eat. Thankfully, our tables were next to the playground so we were close to the kids!
Aunt Liz was widowed at a young age and never re-married and never had any kids of her own. She has pretty much "adopted" all of her nieces and nephews and now all of us great-nieces and nephews and our kids. Here she is enjoying a little bit of time with Paige.
There was a really good turnout today and as usual, we had the circle of women and the circle of men. Funny how that happens at family functions. It was a lot of fun to be able to sit and talk with one of our cousins who just had her first baby on July 5th. We was great to be able to encourage her and to let her know that she is not alone. And, Natalie Grace, is absolutely adorable! I was very privileged to have had the opportunity to feed Natalie and spend a little time holding her. She is so tiny!! It was great too that her mommy and daddy got to enjoy their food in peace. For those of us who are "experienced" parents, these moments can be few and far between. I'm really looking forward to seeing Natalie and her mommy again on Wednesday night at the family baby shower. I can't wait to give her our gift!

And, Miss Paige...she was an amazing little girl today. She was playing on this blanket and got very tired. Trisha was able to just roll her over and patted her back for a little bit and Paige was out. She took a great little 30 minute, or so, power nap. She woke up happy and ready to go again. (For those of you wondering why Paige had a blanket on her this very warm day...She can't sleep without it. It's actually very cute to watch her sucking her fingers and holding this blanket with her other hand.)
When we got home from the park, the kids got their suits on, were sun screened, and they headed to the pool. We invited the neighbor kids to join them and they were all in the pool for a good hour or more. I can't even imagine getting through this summer without our pool. I think we would probably be down at the park beating the crowd in the creek. Ha!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We harvested the first round of green beans this afternoon. I was so excited when I was checking out the plants today and saw all of these beans ready to be picked. It's just amazing how fast they come on. You look one day and there is nothing but little flower buds and two days later there are beans 3 inches long. Yay!!! Tomorrow night's dinner will consist of lots of veggies fresh from OUR beans, "purple" onion, zucchini, squash...mmm, yum! I can't wait!!


Janice said...

How fun - I can't wait to have a garden next year!! I'm so glad you guys have a pool - the kids were telling me at church yesterday, that they're in it all the time! We'll have to come visit! Miss ya!

Tanya said...

We had beans last night too! Try heating up some EVOO, then tossing in diced onions, green beens, zucchinni, salt and garlic pepper. Saute until barely done, then add in bacon bits and a splash of lemon juice. I won't confess how much of this little concoction Tyler and I ate last night!