Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cookie Dough Sale

I know, I know...I owe you an update on life. I'll get to that...I PROMISE!!

Today, I thought I would just put it out there to anyone who might be interested... The girls are selling Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough as a fundraiser for school. It's their one and only annual fundraiser that they do. The cookie dough comes pre-portioned and frozen in re-usable tubs. So, there is no thawing, no scooping, and no mixing. Just throw them on a cookie sheet and you've got cookies in no time! There are approximately 36 large cookies per container and are good in your freezer for a year. If you are at all interested in purchasing cookie dough or any of the bonus items they offer, you can email us at jtscheib@msn.com. I will list the items and their prices below...
*Chocolate Chip - $14
*Carnival (M&M and Chocolate Chip) - $14
*Butter Sugar - $14
*Chocolate Chocolate Chunk - $15
*Strawberry Short Cake - $15
*Cranberry Oatmeal - $15
*White Chocolate Macadamia Nut - $15
*Triple Chocolate - $14
*Peanut Butter - $14
*Reduced Fat Chocolate Chip - $14
*Oatmeal Raisin - $14
*The Holiday Joy Cookie - $15 (Has chunks of peppermint and re-coated white chocolate.) Perfect for the holidays!

The Bonus items are...
*Pretzel Kit - $15 (Sweet or Savory, You Choose! Includes a salt-packet and Cinnamon & Sugar Packet...12 plain pretzels per box.)
*Grilled Cheese Stuffed Pretzels - $15 ...10 per box
*Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake - $15 ...20 servings
*Double Chocolate Chip Brownies - $15 ...20 servings

So, there is no pressure. I just wanted to put this out there in case someone is interested. The girls have to turn in their orders by Monday, November 3rd. Thank you in advance!!

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