Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time gets away...

It's amazing how time gets away from us. I really didn't think it had been that long ago since I blogged. Sorry to those of you who have been checking for an update. I'm sure by now you have all given up on me.

There seems to be so much to catch up on...I'm not sure where to begin.

Last weekend, was a busy weekend but fun! Last Saturday, while Jason ran the girls to and from their games (he's an amazing daddy and husband!), I spent the day (9 am to 8 pm) scrapbooking at a crop that my friend puts on. It's been forever since I have done this and it felt good to get some more pages completed in Ethan's album. The best part of the day was that it was my sister-in-law's birthday and my brother had surprised her and took the day off so that she could come scrap with me. She and I haven't scrapped together in a very long time. She was able to stay until just after lunch before she headed for home to spend the rest of the day with her family. We had a great time!! When she left, she let me keep the laptop so that I could work on my digital pages after dinner. I had told myself that I had to keep working on traditional scrapping until dinner and then I could switch over. I could let myself go wild with the digital scrapping and then I would never get my traditional stuff completed.

Anyway, I stayed at the crop until about 8:00 that evening along with about 15 other women. It was a great day and we all got a lot accomplished. It was fun having Janice and Kathi there to keep me company once Tanya left. It's always fun scrapping with them and they were working on a very special album. That's about all I can about the album for now because it is a gift for a very special person. It looks amazing and these girls were working hard to get the pages completed!

Sunday was a wild day! We left for church at 8:00 that morning because Jason was leading worship that morning and had practice at 8:30. We had a leave a little earlier than normal though because we had to make a stop at Tyler and Tanya's to put some things in their refrigerator. After church we headed over to Ty and Tanya's for about 30 minutes of down time and I quick threw together a salad before heading over to Grandma Silves' house for her 86th birthday. Because the party was at Grandma's, in Everson, and we go to church in Everson, it made no sense to go home after church for that short time. Thankfully, my brother and sister-in-law loves us enough to let us crash at their place on days like this. The birthday party was great. There were a lot of us there and the best part was going out to the field for pumpkins. My uncle plants pumpkins every year for the family to harvest. The kids love riding out to the pumpkins and being able to sit in the back of the pick-ups that drive us out. We came home with several pumpkins and now I just need to get my cornstalks up and the pumpkins placed. The kids also loved watching the pigs play and feeding them corn. Brenna and I went out to Grandma's dahlia garden and put together a bouquet to take home with us. I love all of Grandma's dahlias. Next year, I need to get there a little sooner though!

This week has been full of school, work, and sports activities. Jason has been working different hours because of meetings so it seems to make the days a little longer here at home. Ethan and I went to Bellingham this morning to run some errands before I had to have him at Preschool. While Ethan was at Preschool, I went to the Bakery to get some things done in my office.

By this afternoon, I was feeling pretty yucky! I have a cold. I woke up this morning feeling absolutely fine but by the time I got home from Bellingham, I was beginning to feel pretty stuffed up. Now, I just feel like my head is all, if this post is a little all over the place, that is why! I am really hoping that this cold is short lived. I have so much to get done around here and no energy to do it. I've been drinking lots of water and hot tea. Although, I did throw in a coffee this afternoon. :)

Well, I guess that's it for now. I will try not to wait so long before blogging again. I'm hoping to have some good pictures of Brenna playing volleyball this weekend. I'm excited to watch her play again!!

**Oh yeah...does anyone know where I can find canned pumpkin? I can't find it anywhere and I am really craving pumpkin bars. I would like to make Janice's pumpkin cream cheese muffins also. Somebody told me to go to WalMart for Pumpkin. So, I went there today and guess what??? They don't have it :(

***Sorry I don't have any pics to go along with this post. I forgot my camera on Sunday. :(

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Tanya said...

Okay, let's drop the whole "sister in law" charade... I prefer "sister from a different mister!" You and the other munchkins are always welcome here, as long as you don't mind the zonicking level! :-) Love ya, SISTER!