Sunday, October 11, 2009

The weekend accomplishments!

We started our weekend out early Saturday morning. Ethan woke up with his "seal bark"...croup! Aagh!! Thankfully, he has grown enough that his airway is bigger so we aren't having to go to ER with him any more. He was so cute though. He looked up at me as we were sitting on the couch together and said, "Mommy, I don't want to go to ER." I assured him that we wouldn't have to do that this time.

Brenna had to be at the gym for volleyball practice at 8:00 am. Jason dropped her off at the gym and came home to get the rest of us for her 9:00 game. She has improved so much over the past couple of weeks. (Again, the pictures aren't the best...we may need to call on our family photographer for help...AGAIN!)
Getting ready to serve!
After Brenna's game, we headed over to Bender Field for Alyssa's game...sorry no pictures. It was so cold and the wind that was blowing made it even colder! It was all we could do to stay warm. All of the girls out on the field were very cold and their legs were not moving very quickly down the field. They were all so happy when the game was over.

Once we got home, we warmed up and got busy with the day's projects. The big one on the list was getting the cable line dropped down the wall where our desk is. Considering Jason had never done anything like this before, he did an amazing job. You would never know that this line wasn't originally put in when the house was built. Way to go babe! It is so nice to have the computer back out on the desk and no longer in our bedroom.
While Jason was busy with his project, I finally got the outside of the house decorated for Fall. I'm loving the way it turned out. Here's the front porch...
And, then...each side of the garage.

This afternoon, after church, I finally completed this project. I put together this canvas of pictures of Ethan a few weeks ago but never had the wording for it. This week, I got my sis-in-law's (I know, she hates being called that...sorry!) Cricuit to use for scrap booking and for this wording. So, today was the day this project got completed. I think it turned out pretty good. I'm just glad it's finished and Ethan was pretty excited about it too.
This evening we headed out to Everson to do a photo shoot with three families. We just kept rotating through all of us until we had all of the desired shots. Thank you Ashley and Tanya for setting this time up. It was fun but crazy! There were 10 kids and they were all a little tired...okay, some more than others. Considering that, I thought they did great! 3 & 4-year old little boys are very hard to get smiles out of and have them looking at the camera at the same time. Here are just a few of our favorites...and keep in mind...these are before any edits have been made. I need to decide which ones I want to order before any editing will be made.


Kristy Wind said...

I love the fall decorations-makes me want to decorate mine more!! The family pictures look awesome!!

Rylea said...

Hey Tonya, I have fixed the link to my QP and or so i hope I did.....Love your page and better yet, love the song you have chosen for it. Good taste. :) if you still can not get it please do write me at and i will see you will get one via email....but think the link will work now. Have a super day and I so love your blog. I still have not mastered doing mine yet. God Bless you and Yours