Friday, October 30, 2009

Harvest/Halloween Party

So I have been hard at work this past week preparing for Alyssa's class party. Being room mom, I have the job of planning all of the activities that we were going to do with Alyssa's class for an hour. I didn't know if I would be able to fill that hour but it all worked out and the kids had fun.

I started with making brownies in a pumpkin cake pan that I have. Frosting them was the worse part and the fact that I did these so late at night did not make for cute faces. Considering the kids were 2nd graders, they didn't really care. I was so glad about that!
I divided the class into three groups. Each group was at a station for about 10 minutes. Station #1 was Jack-O-Lantern bingo. Alyssa and her friend Amanda were waiting very patiently for a number to be called that they had on their card.
At station #2, the kids made Caramel Apples. No...we did not melt caramel and dip apples. That is just way to messy. Last year I came across these Caramel Apple Wraps. They are amazing! You get 5 caramel wraps and sticks per package. You stretch the caramel out a little bit and the drape it down over the apple, insert the stick, and then either put in the oven or microwave. Since we were at school, we just used the microwave in the supply room. It was perfect!
We have a mom in our class that is very crafty. So, at station #3, the kids made candy Scarecrow necklaces. They turned out really cute the kids were excited about them.
I finally get a great picture of Alyssa and me and it's blurry. Aagh! Oh well. It was a fun afternoon and Alyssa appreciated all the work that mommy put into her party.
Alyssa and her friend Kinna having fun and enjoying their snacks.
Friday morning, I had babysat my niece Paige. Trisha had called wondering what we were doing for dinner. I mentioned that we were going to go to Papa Murphy's to get one of their Jack-O-Lantern pizzas. When she came to get Paige, she surprised us with a pizza, dessert pizza, and pop. It was a surprise very much appreciated!! When we baked the pizza, we all got a good laugh when it was coming out of the oven. It came out looking like it had puffy cheeks. It was great!
Now that our Harvest/Halloween party is over, I need to start preparing for the next party in December. Yes, I know, it seems a little soon for that but if November goes as fast as October has, I'm toast!

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