Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving...

We decided on Sunday that we had better get our pumpkins carved that afternoon or they may not get completed. Our week was full with getting ready for school parties and everything else going on. So, after going through pages and pages on the internet of ideas for their pumpkins, the kids finally decided what they wanted.

We brought the pumpkins in and got to work. Jason and I cut the tops of and loosened the insides of the pumpkins and then we have the girls help clean the pumpkins out. Ethan's job to "supervise". I was not about to have him get into the pumpkins because I knew it would end up all over the dining room.

Once the pumpkins were cleaned out, we started in on the carving and this is what we ended with...

Jason and Brenna carved a moon and stars in Brenna's pumpkin.
Alyssa and I carved a heart in Alyssa's pumpkin. I was so not surprised when Alyssa chose this out of all the other templates we looked at.
Ethan and Jason carved a "Jack-O-Lantern". Ethan didn't even look at what was available online. He brought his plastic pumpkin "bucket" to Jason and stated clearly that he wanted a Jack-O-Lantern. So, Jason did his best to copy the plastic pumpkin face.
I found this scarecrow template and decided to carve the 4th pumpkin on the front porch. I think it turned out pretty cute. (It was much cuter after I cleaned it off...sorry!)
We had quite the mess when we finished and I collected just enough pumpkin seeds and roasted them for snacking on. I don't do too many because the kids seem to get tired of them quickly.

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