Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Look what Ethan did!!

We have been working so hard with Ethan to get him to write his name. It was hard to send him to Preschool knowing that he wasn't doing that yet. I realize that many kids aren't writing their name before starting Preschool but the girls were and that's all I had to go on. Ethan was just not interested. Even after he started Preschool, I would try to work with him and he would inform me that I was not his teacher. So, I gave up and left it to his teachers.

Today, when I picked him up from Preschool, I took the paper that was in his cubby out and checked the back of it...just to make sure it was his...and this is what I found!! I was so excited!!
We have been praising him all night. I had to share with all of you!!

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The McPhails said...

So happy for you Ethan! GOOD JOB!!