Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family Room Makeover!

I have been wanting to paint an accent wall in our Family Room for awhile now and I knew I wanted the color to be from the "brown" family but I didn't know which brown.

I get these little "home improvement" booklets from Lowe's every other month, they are free! In the last issue, there was a color swatch that I knew I had to get. So, last Saturday, on our way home from Burlington, my sister made a stop at Lowe's so I could get a better swatch of the color. I brought it home for Jason to see and the next thing I knew, we were loading all of the kids up in the van, headed for Lowe's. I was thinking we would get a little $3 test can just to make sure we really liked the color once it was on the wall. Little did I know, my husband had other plans...he went for the gallon-sized can. "What? Are you sure?"

Well, Monday, while Jason was at work, I slapped a few spots up on the wall. I wanted to see the paint in different lighting throughout the day...the wall gets a lot of natural light from the patio door. I was really falling in love with it...good thing since my wonderful husband had picked up a gallon of it.

That night Jason officially started on the project...removing things from the wall, moving the entertainment unit to the center of the room (that made for an interesting time watching tv), and moved in the ladder. He is so good at painting! Get this...we didn't have one drop cloth down over anything...not the carpet, not the couch, nothing. I have yet to find any splatters. He has got to be one of the neatest painters I know and he is quite the perfectionist.

By Tuesday night, the painting was complete and when he came home from work on Wednesday, I had everything make up on the walls and together we moved the entertainment unit back. Project complete in 48 hours! I love it! My kind of project!

The new color, Pine Bark, has made such a difference to the room. It just makes it feel so much warmer and more inviting.

Oh and get this, when we picked the paint up from Lowe's, the guy grabs one of the most expensive "base" cans to mix the color with. I asked him why it had to be the expensive can ($31) and he informed me that it was because I had expensive taste. "What? Me?" Yes folks, the color I picked was a DESIGNER color...go figure!

"Thank you honey for painting the wall!!" I think I will wait a week before asking him to start on the next project.


Tanya said...

What's the next project? The suspense is killing me! Great job Jason, it looks fantastic!

Tanya said...

Next project...just little things that NEED to be done around here. Nothing fun like the paint job. :(

Laura said...

It looks beautiful!

Molly Gustafson said...

So fun to change the house up. Love it!

Janice said...

Jason is such a good man! Don't you love a man who gets projects done for their women? I'll have to come take a peek!