Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Preschool Open House

Tonight was Preschool Open House for Ethan. He was so excited for us all to go and see what he's been this doing year.

He loves to play in "Housekeeping". At this station, they get to pretend being whatever they want. Tonight, he chose the mailman's hat. It is a great time to let their imaginations go!
Next, he took us to the puppets. This is another fun thing that Ethan enjoys. He is really into making up stories and coming up with characters for his stories.
After puppets, we headed over to see Ethan's journal. Once a week, the kids color & draw in their journals about different things...the teacher has a different subject each time. It was neat to see the advancements he has made in his drawings. There is a huge difference from September to March.
The last station we went to was the blocks. Jason and Ethan built a tower with the cylinder blocks. It was fun to see how high they could get it and Ethan loved having his daddy play with him at Preschool.
It was fun to listen to Ethan share with us about Preschool. All the way there, he was trying to convince the girls that they had never been to his Preschool. What he didn't realize was that it is the same Preschool that the girls went to but we didn't burst his bubble...we just let him think that it was his special Preschool.

After having him in bed for about 15 minutes...he came out and asked, "Mom, did you think my Preschool was the best?" Of course, I told him it was the best. What mom would say otherwise? He was so excited he couldn't sleep. I love this boy!

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Tanya said...

Awww.. such a little dude! So fun to see posts on the Ethan-monster too, he's really growing up. Where did that little peanut of a baby go?