Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You have to share your brother...

Today is an Auntie Day with Wayne, Weston and Wyatt. Ethan loves these days because he has someone to play with all day. He always gets so excited when I tell him the boys are coming and is completely exhausted when they leave.

So, this morning, I have Wyatt sitting in his Bumbo chair on the floor in the family room and the other three boys are gathered around him. Ethan starts loving on Wyatt...he loves to give Wyatt hugs and kisses! And then, I hear this conversation (or slight argument)...

Wayne: "Ethan, you need to stop. Wyatt is my brother."
Ethan: "Wayne, you have to share your brother."
Wayne: "No, he's my brother."
Ethan: "Wayne, my mom is all done with babies so you need to share your baby with me."

At this moment, I burst out laughing and kindly ask Wayne to please share his brother with Ethan. I then remind them all that they are cousins but that they can love each other like brothers. They eventually left Wyatt alone and took off to play with the trains again.

(Of course, this whole time I'm thinking..."You know it!" But, I need to clarify something. I'm not done with babies, I'm just done HAVING babies! I love holding babies, caring for them when needed, and loving on them but I have hit the point where it is nice to return them to their mommy and know that I will be getting a good nights sleep!)

Okay, I better get back to my busy boys! They are all becoming little lions...roaring at each other and pouncing on each other. LOVE IT!


Tanya said...

Hah! If the time comes when you want to remember the good 'ol days, I'll hand mine over to you and get a good night sleep myself! :-)

Janice said...

You've loved babies as long as I've known you!! You're the best! Just think in the next 10 yrs or so, you could be holding a grandbaby of mine - or technically Brenna could be married by then too!!!!!!!