Monday, March 1, 2010

A little catching up...

It's hard to believe that the month of February is over. I really have been meaning to sit down and blog but obviously, time has gotten away from me.

It's been a busy month with lots of activities and babysitting. Sometimes I think that I will get caught up on blogging while all of the boys are napping (there's usually 4 extras plus Ethan) but I can't seem to get them all down at the same time. Oh well!

I spent Valentine's Day, or at least the afternoon, with Alyssa's class helping with a little party. The kids were so cute reading their valentines from each of their classmates and getting excited about all of the candy they were finding in their "Valentine pockets." I made Rice Krispy treats for the snack and they seemed to be a big hit.
Sadly, I have no other pictures, than of the party, for Valentine's Day. I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of our family night. We celebrate Valentine's Day as a family. We have a tradition of doing "backwards night" for dinner/dessert. We start out with ice cream for dinner and while we are eating that, we have a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's in the oven for dessert. The kids really look forward to this.

We also had Parent/Student breakfast at school this month. The girls had finished their breakfast and Brenna had left the table with one of her friends and this is where I found her...up on stage singing with friend and music teacher. Thankfully, a dear friend/teacher has her classroom just across the hall from the cafeteria so we were able to quickly get her camera. Who would have thought that I would have needed my camera for breakfast?
We've spent some time with my niece during the past couple of weeks. It's hard to believe that she turned 1 this month. She is such a fun little girl to be around and is so close to walking. She got to spend time at our house the other night and she had a blast playing with my 10-key. I figured she couldn't hurt it and she thought she was "hot stuff" with it.
Sunday, February 28th was a very special day!! Our church had a baptismal service and Brenna had decided that she wanted to be a part of it and be baptized! We are so proud of her and her decision to follow Christ in Believer's Baptism. And, to make the day a little more special, she asked Jason if he would be the one to baptize her. Of course, he jumped at the chance. It was a very special moment for the two of them.
There were 13 people who were baptized on Sunday...two of which were my brother and sister-in-law. That made the day even more special!!

After church, we headed over to my Uncle Deryl and Aunt Shari's for lunch. Aunt Shari had prepared Sloppy Joes for all of us with a jello salad and a "glorified rice" salad (that's what she called it and it was good!), along with chips and a veggie tray. She was an amazing host. I felt bad that she didn't want us to bring anything...she had a lot of mouths to feed.
Uncle Deryl was right there with the kids. It's so fun to watch him interact with them and they love every minute of it.
After lunch, Uncle Deryl started "messing" with Ethan and it ended up in a big game. Ethan kept saying to Uncle Deryl "you can't get can't tickle me." And, of course, Uncle Deryl would eventually take him down and tickle him. It was a lot of fun to watch! And, even though they weren't brothers, Uncle Deryl reminds me a lot of how my dad was with kids and I love it! I love that he and Aunt Shari take so much interest in our kids and really care to take the time to just interact with them. Ethan couldn't stop talking about Uncle Deryl and Aunt Shari the rest of the day.
That gets us to today...Monday, March 1st. It's hard to believe that the month of February is over and that Spring will officially be here in just a few short weeks. I spent my day today with 5 little boys. It was a long day but the boys all did pretty good and we made it through. It's always fun for Ethan to have his cousins here to play with.

The rest of the week will be filled with volunteering at school, working a couple of afternoons, A MASSAGE!, and maybe, just maybe, a date with my husband at the end of the week.

Hopefully, I will be better about blogging during the month of March. I'm not going to make any promises though because I will just be setting myself up to fail. Thanks to those of you who are still sticking with me and checking for updates.


Tanya said...

Talk about a run down... that was one big blog post! Loved the shots of lunch, we were sorry to miss it! Can't wait to see the scrapped pages.

Ashley said...

I was wondering what happened to you! Yay for Brenna- she is so mature for her age!

Molly Gustafson said...

Loved the update! I got tears when Brenna was baptized Sunday, what a special memory that Jason did it!!! Keep those blogs coming!