Thursday, March 18, 2010

The final Elementary music concert

Tonight, we attended Brenna's last Elementary music concert. I actually had thought of it that way until the Principal had welcomed us and mentioned it being the final concert. I was suddenly sad. Quickly reminded that Brenna is going to middle school next year. How can my baby be ready to go to that BIG, scary, school? Whether I want to admit to it or not, she's going.

Any way, this concert was special! Brenna had been chosen to be a part of a group to open with the Star Spangled Banner. The girls were nervous but did great!
(So I've never embeded a youtube video before and I'm sure there is a better way that I just don't know about yet. If you can't just click on the link to get to the video, copy and paste it into your browser bar.)

The whole night was a lot of fun. Our music teacher is an amazing guy! His hours have been cut but yet his dedication for the kids hasn't changed. He is at the school more hours than he is paid that's pure dedication. He is constantly inviting kids to do something with him musically. At our parent/student breakfast, he was there on stage, playing his guitar quietly in the background. And then, as kids finished their breakfast, he would invite them up to sing (he even had a microphone set up and ready to go).

This teacher doesn't just sit and sing with the kids during the time he has them. No, he actually teaches them to play different instruments and each class performs an instrumental piece during their concert time. Brenna was so excited to get to play the guitar this year. She's been begging for us to give her guitar lessons but knows that that won't be happening until she has a few more years of piano...maybe that will get her to practice piano more! HA!
I also found out tonight that he, and our PE teacher, have been helping out with our 5th grade classes. There are only two 5th grade classes this year and over 30 kids in each class...this is due to budget cuts. I so appreciate these two teachers for stepping in and helping out so our students still have great opportunities to learn, even in these very large classrooms. Keep in mind that this is above and beyond what they are actually contracted to do.

I'm so glad that we weren't saying good-bye to Mr. Woodworth tonight and that we have many more concerts to attend with Alyssa and Ethan. I hope he sticks around.


Tanya said...

Wow, what a teacher!!! It's folks like him that make me consider putting the boys in school. Can't believe Brenna is moving on. Crazy!

Janice said...

Okay - she is WAY too grown up looking with that guitar! Auntie needs to go to one of her concerts sometime. He's obviously a teacher from the heart - those kind can't be replaced!!