Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A quick thank you and update...

I honestly had no clue how many people actually read our blog. After my last post, I have heard from many of you "secret" readers. I just wanted to quickly say thank you to each and every one of you who have called, emailed, dropped notes off at the front door, etc. You know who you are and what you've done. Most of all...THANK YOU FOR PRAYING! I can honestly say that this week is going a little better. I'm feeling better about life and really trying to focus on improving the little things.

My focus this week has been to not let frustrations of life come out in any form towards the kiddos. I will admit that there have been times when I am frustrated with life and then one of them acts out and I overreact. I'm trying to change that! It's not their fault that life is rough right now. We do our best to not let them know just how rough things are, as much as possible. I realize that some of you think we should be a little more honest with them about what's going on but we don't feel it's fair to put the burden on them. We just want to love them and use the different situations we are going through, those they are aware of, as teachable moments. We always remind them that ultimately, God is in control! He will care for us and give us everything we need as long as we trust in Him!

Sunday was a good day with my Bible reading...got my three days in! (It meant skipping Sunday School and sitting in the crib room at church but I got my reading in...sorry Pastor Ken!) Yesterday, I accomplished one days worth with three extra little buddies, my nephews, hanging around the house. (We love having the boys here and wouldn't change having them for anything. They are so much fun!) I wanted to do more later but by the time my nephews went home, we got dinner for everyone, got the kitchen cleaned up, the kiddos to bed and I finished the remainder of the tasks I needed to do before today...I was exhausted. I knew that if I even tried to sit down to read I would fall asleep so I opted to just wait for today to do more and be satisfied with getting one days worth of reading in. Today has been busy with volunteering at school and working this afternoon but I have every intention of getting three days of reading in and my amazing husband is going to help me reach that goal by taking care of the kids and kitchen after dinner. Who knows...maybe I'll be able to read four days worth!! My goal is to be caught up by April 15th. Yes, I just shared that with all of you and you now have permission to keep me accountable!

I'm looking forward to this weekend...Resurrection Sunday!! We normally attend Good Friday service at church but this year, not only is it Easter weekend but it's Brenna's birthday weekend so we will be having a birthday celebration Friday evening with her friend and the family will be here on Saturday. We will miss attending the service but look forward to Sunday morning! We have the Resurrection Eggs that we will be using with the kids this week as we talk about Easter and the events that happened that weekend. I'm amazed at how much Ethan is understanding. He is such a little sponge right now.

We hope that your family has an amazing week as you prepare to celebrate Easter. We pray that you know Jesus as your personal Savior and that you too will be celebrating His Resurrection!


Tanya said...

Good to hear it's been a good week. I'll continue to pray!

Janice said...

Busy as a bee as usual!! You're a great mommy!!! Look how good your "first" kids turned out :-)!!