Sunday, December 21, 2008

Alyssa is officially 7!

Monday, December 15th was Alyssa's "real" birthday. We celebrated with her class by bringing cupcakes to share. Alyssa handed them out to each of her classmates and had a special birthday hat...a construction's the theme for the entire school this year. She was not thrilled about being the only one wearing a hat so I took her out to the hall for a picture.

Alyssa requested Dairy Queen for her birthday dinner. Duane met us there and we sat in a very cold restaurant...they were having problems with their heat that evening. After dinner, we went to the Health Care Center to celebrate with Grammy the rest of the evening. Alyssa opened up a few more gifts from Grammy and Duane and then got her gifts from us there also.
Hannah Montana zip-up hoodie from Grammy and Duane...Alyssa was thrilled to get this!
She might look surprised but she knew this gift was coming. When Brenna turned 7, we got her an American Girl doll. Well, Alyssa remembered this and kept telling us she already knew what she was getting for her birthday. I told her she just needed to act surprised. I think she did a great job at accomplishing the task. (Sorry the picture is blurry...I was laughing when I took the picture.)
Alyssa with her new American Girl doll, Kit.

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