Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow must go!

Alright people, I've had enough of this snow business. It's 6:50 on Christmas Eve morning and I can't sleep. I woke up about an hour ago, took a peek outside, and almost started to cry. I then laid in bed tossing and turning. Decided it wasn't worth it and got up. I have no idea how long it has been snowing but I was really hoping the forcast was wrong. You see, I have been waiting for 3 Pampered Chef boxes to arrive via FedEx. (They were suppose to be here last week.) But, due to all the storms that have hit Oregon and Washington they still have not arrived. I have 4 customers patiently waiting for Christmas gifts to arrive. As of Monday, the boxes were in Burlington. The worst part is, a couple of these gifts were specially picked by two adorable girls from our church for their mom. I am so sad that their Christmas gifts won't be arriving. The FedEx rep informed me on Monday that the boxes should be on my doorstep on Tuesday. Well, that was yesterday and when we got home from our family Christmas, I immediately was at the front door looking for boxes. When I saw nothing, I got online to check the status, hoping the trucks were still out delivering...Status of the boxes: In Burlington, WA on "delivery exception" due to weather expected delivery date is December 24th. My heart sank. I was still a little hopeful until I looked out the window this morning to see all of this snow coming down. If they couldn't get here yesterday, they for sure aren't coming today. So, all this to say, I will be on the phone this morning calling my customers, informing them that they are going to need to wrap pictures of the item or notes explaining where the gift is.

Today is suppose to be Christmas with my family out in Everson. Everyone has four-wheel drive but us. I am praying that we are able to make it to our destination for Christmas. So much thought and hard work has gone into today's family gathering and we have all, especially the kids, been looking forward to today...spending an entire day with cousins, playing. Pray that we are all able to make the trip safely!

I'm also bummed because I'm sure our Christmas Eve service is going to be cancelled. Christmas just wouldn't feel right without our Christmas Eve service. Church on Sunday was cancelled because of the snow. We spent time as a family reading the Christmas story and talking about Christmas. It was a great time with the kids. But, not being in church with our church family singing Christmas songs felt a little weird. We have been excited all week for the Christmas Eve service to help fill this little void that we have had...looks like this will be cancelled too.

We pray that you are all kept safe while out in this winter weather that we have. Drive safe and...


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