Sunday, December 21, 2008

Early Christmas

Because of the snow that we got last night and high winds, there was no church this morning. So, instead, we had family worship which involed reading the Christmas story and then singing a few Christmas carols that we would have sang in church this morning. (Jason was suppose to lead worship today so we had a little inside knowledge of what songs were going to be sung.)

After family worship, I got the idea of letting the kids open up a gift. We had purchased games for the kids so that's what they got to open. Our reasoning...we were snowed in and needed something new in the house for the kids to play with and be excited about.
Ethan got Hungry, Hungry Hippos...he was so excited and played with it for hours, mostly alone.
The girls had a gift to share...only because they both wanted the same game.
They got Operation and played it several times together.
Mommy joined in on the first round.
This is how Ethan spent much of his time today...he was feeding the hippos. It was very cute to watch.


Tanya said...

Talk about a posting palooza!!! Wow! Love it, love it. Keep up the blogging work sis!

Janice said...

Wow - early Christmas present and now cookies with Aunt Janice - can life get any better? Maybe they can get Uncle Randy to take them on a quick 4-wheeler ride in the snow!

Amy Scheib said...

I love those games. They are the best. Sounds like you guys had a great time snowed in!!!