Friday, December 12, 2008

Let the parties begin

Well, the busy party season starts tonight. We are having our families over to celebrate Alyssa's 7th birthday. It's hard to believe that she is going to be 7 next week (the 15th). I still remember very clearly the day she was born. Her birth was the best of the three...easy labor and completely pain free! (Thank you epidural!!) I can still picture her in her little purple floral outfit all bundled up in her blankets.

Saturday will be Alyssa's friend party. She can't wait for her friends to come and spend time with her celebrating. She's not really up for me planning any special craft project. She just wants her friends to come and play. I think we will need to have something planned to keep these girls busy, not making the bedroom look like a tornado went through it. I love having kids over to play but too many can make a HUGE mess and fast.

Saturday is also the start of our family Christmas parties. We will get together with my mom's family. They are expecting about 50 of us there. Talk about a house full. Sadly, my mom won't be able to attend this party.

Last Sunday, she had a little mishap...actually, it was a BIG mishap. She was up in her favorite spot...the attic...sorting through boxes and bins. She had been up there for about 2 hours moving things around and what not. She attempted to get something, a little out of reach, by stepping off of the plywood and onto the 2x4 of one of the trusses. From there, she found herself going through the sheetrock, falling 8 feet into the garage. She took an ambulance ride to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a broken right heel and a broken right hip (she landed "standing up" on her right side). She had surgery at 8:30 Sunday night for her hip and is now at the Lynden Christian Health Care Center in the Rehab wing receiving physical therapy and preparing her for when she returns home. She will have surgery on her heel this next Wednesday. She will not be able to put any weight on her right side for about 12 weeks. Pray for her! This has been very hard on her as she was just beginning to feel "normal" from her big surgery this past summer.

I will post pictures of this weekend's events later.


Amy Scheib said...

Sorry that we couldn't be there. I am sure that you guys had a great time. Sorry to hear about your mom. Hopefully she is feeling better. Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Tanya said...

Thanks for the fun party time, now it's wait until Wednesday for the BIG one!