Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's been up with us...

The house is decorated, Christ Group dinner was fantastic and hustling and bustling is in full force.

On Thursday, Dec. 3rd, I put together a table at the MOPS Christmas Bazaar. It was fun to meet the different ladies there. I took some pictures of what my table looked like to share with all of you.
On Saturday evening, Jason had to lead worship at church so I decided to take the kids to the lighted Christmas parade here in Lynden. We met up with my mom and Duane and my grandma and all enjoyed the many lights together. It was nice to take a break from everything that has been going on here at home and take time to just spend with the kids. Here are just a few of our favorite parade displays.
It's amazing how we can get so wrapped up in the shopping and preparations for the different things going on this time of year that we often forget to stop and just focus on the things that are important...the real meaning of Christmas...Christ. I hope for you and your family that you are able to take time to spend together to focus on the real meaning of CHRISTmas.

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Tanya said...

Thanks for the PICS! See, I didn't need to go and freeze my tush off, I can just look at your pictures and it's like I was there!