Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just a little behind

Unlike some of you other creative bloggers, I cannot figure out how to change the date for this posting to trick you all into thinking that I am on my game and all caught up with blogging the life of the Scheibs. So, I'll just be honest! I'm just a little behind.

I believe I owe you pictures of Alyssa's birthday. Still hard to believe that she is now 7.

Alyssa got the giggles when Uncle Tyler handed her 2 King Size Snicker Bars. Uncle Tyler always gets the kids one of their favorite candy bars for their birthdays. Uncle Tyler and Aunt Tanya scored big with this gift...the Hannah Montana Electric Guitar. This was the first thing Alyssa put on her birthday/Christmas list and Uncle Tyler and Aunt Tanya were sure to get it.
Getting ready to make her birthday wish.

Grammy and Papa Duane got Alyssa a new Hannah Montant shirt and vest. As soon as everyone left, she went and put on the new shirt and vest and then found her jeans that had holes in the knees because, "that's what rock stars wear"...Alyssa's words to Mommy when I asked why the jeans with holes in the knees.

Grandpa and Grandma Scheib got Alyssa this beautiful porcelain doll. The doll's name is Alyssa. Grandma couldn't pass it up. Alyssa is very proud of this doll and found the perfect spot for it on the book shelf.

After the party, Alyssa and Mommy took off for the Health Care Center where Grammy was getting inpatient physical therapy. Alyssa couldn't wait to tell Grammy all about her party and tell her about all the gifts she got. Grammy loved to see her in the clothes she got her. Of course, Alyssa took the Hannah Montana guitar along to show Grammy...Alyssa gave Grammy a good laugh with her dancing, singing and playing guitar.

Alyssa played that guitar so much the night she got it that she went to bed with a blister on her thumb. The strings are wire and she was only using her thumb to do the strumming. She will be getting guitar lessons from Daddy.

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Tanya said...

Just wait until Christmas... Aunt Tanya will be scoring again with the Booger!