Sunday, December 21, 2008

Groen family Christmas

The evening of the 13th was the Groen family Christmas. Grandma has all of early in December so that we can all make it. This year, there were over 50 of us there. Yes, you read that correctly, 50+.
Our nephew Weston was the most festive one there. He was so cute with his Christmas hat and his binkie that says, "Falalalala". Leave it to my sister-in-law to find a holiday binkie. This is only part of the family down in the basement...everyone ready to eat!
There is a fireplace downstairs that is unused. The kids love to play inside of it.
Ethan went looking for Santa Claus...he was so funny he kept standing up inside calling for Santa.
The kids were excited to open up a gift from Great-Grandma.

The adults always play a game that involves gift exchanges and we divide the guys and gals. We always need to watch out for a special mother and daugther team...they get together and's fun to watch and we love to give them a hard time!
The guys don't seem to get near the excitement going when their part of the game.
Brenna, our niece, came flying down the stairs letting us all know that..."It's snowing!"
We all had a great time and the kids were exhausted when we left.

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Tanya said...

Binkie's rule!!!!