Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cousin fun and Winter has arrived

Wednesday, the 17th, we had Wayne and Weston for the morning. Weston kept chasing Wayne and Ethan as they were pushing the dump truck throughout the house and getting upset that he couldn't keep up. I decided to let him go for a little ride. The older two were so excited and were laughing so hard they could hardly push the truck. I only let Weston go for a short sure was cute though!
Wednesday morning it had started to snow and by the afternoon the wind had really picked up. This is what our front porch looked like from the winter weather that had arrived.

The backyard...hard to see but at least you can see the snow coming down.
Because of all the snow we got on Wednesday and because the wind caused so many drifts, school was cancelled on Thursday (and then again on Friday). The kids were able to play outside for a short while on Thursday afternoon. It was so cold out that I couldn't let them stay out long.
from left to right...Carter (neighbor boy), Alyssa, Dillon (little guy that we babysit), Ava and Brenna
Ethan was inside staying warm and watching a movie because he had a cold and a cough. He was such a good sport about the other kids going outside.
More snow pictures...we had a drift in front of the front porch on Thursday morning.
These crazy kids were whipping through the neigborhood on a sled being pulled by a jeep. I was waiting to hear the sirens.
A better view of the backyard.

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Janice said...

Just so you know - your "nephew" Na-na was skiing off the TOP of his house and onto a drift! Can you so "no health insurance right now" Nathan? This mama has gotten some new gray hairs during this storm!!!