Sunday, December 21, 2008

Six 1st graders...enough said

Saturday, December 13th, we had four of Alyssa's school friends and her cousin Brenna McPhail come for a couple of hours to help Alyssa celebrate her birthday. Oh my...our house was very noisy for those 2 hours. They were all so excited to be together.
From left to right...Lexi, Sophia, Amanda, Brenna, Alyssa and Kylie

The girls thought it would be fun to tackle Alyssa and give her some birthday spanks. Of course, each girl thought they needed to give the spanks so Alyssa ended up with 35 spanks. She was such a good sport about it and laughed the entire time, while putting up a bit of fight.Alyssa got some great gifts from her friends. We always take pictures of the girls with each friend individually and the gift that they gave. Here are just a couple of the pictures.
One last picture before having cupcakes and ice cream. These girls were so goofy and so much fun!!


Tanya said...

My head hurts just reading that blog entry. Soooo thankful to have boys! :-)

Janice said...

Not to fear Alyssa dear,
auntie jan is still a fan,
a birthday present she will buy, so Alyssa won't have to cry :-)!